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I can't believe I'm almost 25 weeks 😳 I feel like it was j…

I can't believe I'm almost 25 weeks 😳 I feel like it was just a couple of weeks ago I found out I'm going to be a mommy 😊❤️


— Ugh I know it's exhausting 😭 @kartersmommy

— comment was deleted

— lol right.. i can never fall asleep on my own! and when i can which is barley my son decides its kick mommys bladder all night .. @sweet_pea

— Same with feeling nauseated a lot and I can never get comfortable in bed and when I do I get kicked a lot by the baby to keep me awake. Also I know how you feel I look fat then pregnant right now 😂 @kartersmommy

— well lately ive been really tired and nauseated.. i had alot of cramping in the beginning and it stoped for a while now at it again and alot i mean alot of back pain.. the whole pregnancy thing isnt that bad i think my whole thing is im too anxious... but i kinda feel like im back in the first trimester with the symptoms .. oh and ive only gained 9 lbs so far.. i dont look prego just fat.. 😩
wbu hows it going for you? @sweet_pea

— @kartersmommy, how is it so far for you?

— hey were the same amount of weeks and days 😜