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2 MONTH SHOTS For the girls that already have kids or a bab…

For the girls that already have kids or a baby over 2 months / already had their 2 month shots , can you please tell me how it went ?
I know it's 1 orally and 1 on each thigh ( if i'm not mistaken )
My daughter is getting her 2 month shots today and I am dreading it seriously I wish I could take the pain for her :( I HATE when my baby cries loud it breaks my heart and I know for a fact she's gonna cry . I have a few questions for you girls
1. Did your baby cry ? If yes , for how long ?
2. How did you console your crying baby ?
3. Did they get a fever ? Or get fussy ? Did they get any bad symptoms ?
Please if you have any tips let me know as well
What a great day , gonna get poked on the day she turns 2 months -.- she doesn't know what's coming , my poor baby I'm going to cry with her 😢


— @eskawho, thank you :)

— my daughter had one oral and 3 shots...she cried trough them...I had to hold as soon as she was done I just held her close and she stopped crying...they offered a quiet place for me to feed her if I wanted but she was already falling asleep so I just sat with her and rocked her til she was out...she never got a fever just a little fussy witch tylonal helped with and she slept a lot for a day and a half...over all it was worse on me then her.

— @alicia3_21, @caydensmommy @wyattsmommy91 thanks ladies

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— hold**

— My sons 2 month shots he got 2 in one thigh and one in the other plus the oral.one. He cried for.like 5 mins until I picked him up when they were done then he was fine but as soon as I put him.in his car seat he fussed the car ride put him.to sleep then he only woke up to eat and he wanted me to gold him.so he could sleep. never got fever

— My son only cried while the needle was in his leg, as soon as I picked him up he was happy and he fell asleep. He didn't get a fever afterwards, he was only fussy.

— Eddison only cried for like3 min all I did was rock him and hold him. but he had a fever the next day for 24hrs. he cried a lot then and I had to give him Tylenol