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can someone help me with my eyebrows. do they look normal??…

can someone help me with my eyebrows. do they look normal?? I'm not used to having any eyebrows bc mine are literally non existent. tell me the truth and any advice?? and click on the picture bc it looks funny unless you do


— I fill mine in but lightly..

— and do it lightly, and in little strokes.. until you get the darkness you Want

— @alicia3_21 when I do mine if I feel one is to dark I just get a piece of toilet paper and whip toward my ear it'll take some off

— yeah I need to get some practice lol @shaysaleen

— I have eyebrows I just "color them in " and i swear it the hardest part of my makeup. I think one is darker but keep playing around and u will get more comfortable with it :)

— lol yes same here. this is my normal eyebrows @gabisorexs

— Oh okay! Well it's good to start! I still suck at it and sometimes when I color them in I feel like people can notice lol 🙅🏽 @alicia3_21

— I got this from groupon. 1st time using it. lol. one Is darker lol baby woke up @gabisorexs

— They don't look bad! One looks darker but I think it's because of the lighting! Do you color them in? I do once in awhile but it's a pain lol