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Wondering if I should not find out the gender of this baby …

Wondering if I should not find out the gender of this baby since this will be my last pregnancy. Would be pretty amazing to hear the doctor or my fiance to say it's a.....


— I've looked at names but none have really stuck with me yet. I feel you on that one. My friends due in August and she found out what she's having. Other than that I'll be the only one still pregnant. @danamarie

— Yes! So since it's our first if it's a boy it's after my dad and girl we have a couple of options. And I swear I am the only one waiting to find out! So lonely... Lol. How about you?

— It is hard not finding out, but I believe it'll be worth it in the end. Just need to have 2 names picked out. Have you picked out names yet? @danamarie

— Aww I'm sorry. Maybe he might change his mind. There's lots of cute stuff to buy that's good for a boy or a girl. My fiance wants to find out too along with his mom and the rest of his family, but I'm going to tell him that everyone will have to wait. I want it to be a big surprise. I have 2 boys already so I'll be happy either way with this one as long as the baby is healthy. @imstillhungry

— That's what we are doing despite my wanting to find out! We're going to wait to the last minute to but stuff anyways so it makes it easier :)

— I want to do that with this one because it's our first, but my hubby won't have that. He's a planner...