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anybody else over pack there hospital bag with baby clothes…

anybody else over pack there hospital bag with baby clothes??
I just can't decide what I like best so...I packed ALL my favorites 😂😂😂 Oh and dont even get me started on how many pairs of booties and head bands i packed.


— aweeee @alicia3_21

— I brought some but my baby was to small for all his clothes lol. so he wore the hospitals the whole time but he wore my outfit home even though it was too big lol

— noo!!!! I wanna change her lol!! that would feel so much more personal if I could change her into her own clothes while we're there I'd LOVE that 😍😍😍 @kay80

— @kiicarnelly, I did. We were like 3days there. But one outfit would have been enough cuz they have clothes for the baby and u there. U really only need outfits for when u go home.

— lol WHAT?!!?! SHE DID NOT. @blessedw7

— we can use that many outfits?!?!?! @kay80

— awee.. I can't wait until I'm putting her clothes on in the hospital!!!! @autumnsmommy

— I did and ended up using only like 2-3 outfits there😂

— I had a friend that had her baby in Sept 2001 and she wore the clothes she went in the hospital w and went home w the same ones lol she also didn't bring no clothes for her little man and the hospital through a fit and wouldn't allowed her to take baby home w just the T-shirt, after many argument they finally let her go!.. every since then I make sure I'm OVER PACKED LOL

— Lol yep! I changed her outfit alot in the hospital lol so it was worth packing them all @kiicarnelly

— we're having baby girls lol
ofcourse we did !!! @autumnsmommy

— me!