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I'm mad and sad today just crazy found out they rescheduled…

I'm mad and sad today just crazy found out they rescheduled my appt first appt two more weeks from now like I'm a nervous wreck after losing my first last year I wanna hear the heartbeat I want to know everything is ok I'm hearing a lot of you feeling flutters gassing popping feeling maybe baby moving no.... not me my mind is just everywhere 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞


— that's all I'm asking for you know thanks@klachappelle kl

— Yea your right I was looking into the dopplers@paradisemama

— thank you so much there's no bleeding just the average lil cramping just f for a lil bit @babynova12.5.14

— I know it's hard to wait but if you aren't bleeding try to keep good thoughts! I'm sure everything will be fine! I know how bad it is having a loss then getting pregnant again, you just want that reassurance!

— Are you able to buy a Doppler ? If not go into insta care or the er ! It's better to be safe than sorry

— u cant feel anything until at least 15 weeks... and that's early. usually 20 and u for sure are feeling kicks and stuff. I wouldn't worry. as long as your not. in pain and bleeding alllooottt then your okay I'm sure.