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Thoughts on getting tattoos while pregnant...

Thoughts on getting tattoos while pregnant...


— @coraanne, I just don't know what may or may not harm the baby because I don't know anyone that would do that

— Yikes! The ink itself may not harm the baby but if you get an infection you have to take antibiotics which is never good while pregnant!

— @blessedw7, @kparavalos , @mommy_to_lilly I agree with all. No offense she is really young so I don't even think she will listen when anyone tells her. But I don't know anyone that will tattoo you while you are pregnant unless they are really press for money and that's unprofessional.

— Don't

— i was told last week by the tattoo artist that was suppose to do mine that yoy shouldnt get tattoos while pregnant because it pulls from your immune system to help heal it, basically taking away from the baby. Youre more prone to infections and it not healing properly. It made sense in a way, but idk how true it was

— baaaad decision while pregnant

— @modifiedmermaid, I wouldn't either

— @phasion, thats what she told me, but I still think your limited as locations on your body. I wouldn't like get one on my stomach or anywhere close to that area, but I am worried she may shes really young and small. I have tattoos so I know the ink goes a bit deep without. Me personally I wouldn't.

— professionals won't do it but it's not a risk to the Baby. you are more susceptable to infection while pregnant and that's why they won't do it.

— she will learn today Lol

— @modifiedmermaid, you can do it as long as it's a reputable place and sanitary

— @momofroyalty, this girl just told me she is getting one lol I think it's a bad idea. And she is like 7 goin on 8 months

— they won't do it