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One of my shirts my mom ordered me! It couldn't be more tru…

One of my shirts my mom ordered me! It couldn't be more true at the moment! it definitely has to be crowded in there!


— @coraanne, Thank you! 😊 yeah I'm excited cuz I hear how fun it is to have twins but I also hear how exhausting it can be.

— You'll do great! It will all come naturally and the older they get the better you'll know their cues and personalities!

— @coraanne, it is a beautiful name! It's not common at all, which is nice but sad cuz I love that name! And oh yes! I'm nervous about twins! I haven't been around babies since my niece was born 9 years ago and I want even around her that long! But yes I have my parents who are very supportive and excited! So that helps, I won't be trying to take care of 2 newborns at the same time, Nana and Grampa will be there to help lol!

— It's so wonderful that your parents are so supportive of you! And thank you, I love my name :) It's nice having a name nobody has. Are you nervous to be having twins?

— @coraanne, that's so sweet! Ya my parents got me 4 shirts, because I'm the ONLY in the family to be having twins! Nobody else except my great grandpa was a twin. so since it's a unique situation they got them 2 funny ones and 2 cute ones lol! Oh BTW I love the name Cora! it one of them was a girl I was gonna name them Cora after my nana! oh well maybe next time I'll get a girl! 😆

— That is adorable! My younger brother was still in high school when I was pregnant with my first and he made me a shirt in art class that said "baby on board".

— Love it! haha