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what's the earlier your baby can go head down ?

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— Paisley has been head down since 34weeks I've heard of other people being head down even before that

— my baby was head down at 28 weeks n still is

— @2615mommi2b @hayleymarie yes my daughter was at 28 too & had her at 37 weeks. 5 hour delivery

— my son has been head down since 26 weeks

— My son has been head down since I was 20 weeks...

— @nique5683 wow I wish I can know . how did you find out

— I found out with an ultrasound @summer95

— OK , ima gonna ask my doctor

— I have never had a ultra sound and have her not be head down and im 22 weeks, except the first one because I was 6 weeks so she could have been

— I'm 25 @steph11

— Matthew has been head down since at least 28 weeks. There's plenty of babies who just start head down the whole time.

— I agree I think babies do what babies want to do. I hate that she's head down its so uncomfortable especially when she's kicking