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Question ladies! I just marked 16 weeks but my bump is small & most times it feels like nothing is there! Is this normal or naw ?

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— normal, if your baby hasn't yet moved you'll feel the baby by 20 weeks or so

— its normal just wait one morning u will wake up with a bump like dam when did this happen lol

— Lol ok thanks so much because I was starting to get worried! I was told to not rush it but I'm just so excited bout my pregnancy 😍💕

— I didn't feel movement until around 20 weeks and I didn't show until 25 close to 30 weeks. so its normal. but it happens very fast one morning I just woke up and I was huge!

— Lol ok ! I'll keep calm then 😁

— I didn't look anything but bloated until about 18 weeks. Been feeling her move since about 16 but that's because I'm more uptight about my body then most. I notice the littlest changes. Sometimes, with your first you don't were actually realize what You're feeling until about 20 weeks. But if you don't feel it by 22 you need to call your doctor.

— Courttttt!!!!! Hey suh!!!!

— I felt my first flutters around 18 weeks suh!

— Keiaaaaaaa I finally know someone on this bit 😂😂😂! Wassup suh !

— @ariasmommy,

— Thanks @rachelmariecroxton 😁

— Your're welcome.:)

— Normal. I didn't start having even a pudge till 20 weeks and felt baby soon after like around 22 weeks