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I'm lost! so had everyone gone to Instagram or smile moms?? I'm still using this one but i have the other two as well

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— I'm still here but a lot have left.

— @junebaby, that makes me sad!

— I'm her, just not posting baby pics :/

— I know, me too:(

— I'm not leaving either, I just have all three

— I'm still here just using Instagram after baby is born. It was always my plan. I'll be going like an Instagram photo blog

— *doing

— @alhynele, That sounds neat. i had Instagram before this app, I live a boring life lol!

— I'm staying here. never heard of smile moms.

— @sking0921, I live a boring life too lol. I'm a stay at home wife (soon to be SAHM) in a new state with like no friends

— @overthemoon, its just another mommy app. @alhynele I work part time for now, but other than that I just chill at my house and watch Netflix lol

— @sking0921, haha I swear I've gone through whole seasons of shows in a day sometimes.