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so im decide to breast feed but just in case whats the best bottles out there for newborn! in other words the nipple part and also pacifiers?

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— I like the gum drop bottles...and the Dr brown bottles...they are by far my favorite and they help reduce colic...and I like the soothie pacifiers

— That depends on the baby. Some will take a certain nipple. Some won't. My personal favorites are the Gumdrop bottles. My daughter loved them

— thank you ladies!@laura_love @emily_paige65

— I say research mam tommee tippee and Dr browns they are great for breast feeding mom's

— No problem (:

— I got avent natural. Their for breastfeeding.

— playtex drop ins! type it in on YouTube and there's a video that shows how they work more like the breast!

— I use them with my daughter and she was breastfed. they're awesome!

— @sgtpeppertheory, she didnt get colic from them ?

— I have some of those Playtex drop INS to they are good bottles @sgtpeppertheory @

— nope, no colic.(-:

— I've found that I LOVE Dr brown bottles they're more nipple like than any other ones I've seen we started out with Playtex even flow those are good but I like these better

— @brooklynnbby, thank you i got those to try them out:)

— Lansinoh bottles !

— @babyace, good for colic?

— Air Ventilation System (AVS™) reduces intake of gas, a potential cause of colic or spit up

— Bpa and bps free

— @babyace, okay thank you girly i will buy me one so i can try it!!:)

— No problem ! And I was lucky enough to score 15 free ones from babies r us last weekend at their registry party !

— @babyace, this one right?

— Yes!

— @babyace, okay 😆