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Lol damn! So much crazyness with this app..

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— @josewuvbabywuv,

— hey girl do u have instagram?

— @mommy3rmz, no i.dont. Just a Facebook.

— @sinabear, lmao I just woke up & seeing all that stupid fake profiles post are halirous! how pathetic dude! no wonder everyone left.

— why havent they removed her?? I put a complaint on every post @sinabear

— @josewuvbabywuv, psh dude idk! They think this app is a joke! its messed up :/

— I know. everyone left cause of that dumb ass :( what a pathetic ass really. I dont get the point of it at all? & I dont get why they havent removed her if they see that everyone is leaving. @sinabear

— but anyways F her lol how you feeling? :) @sinabear

— @josewuvbabywuv, foreal! they need an administrator to remove people like that. Well im doing great love!:) We're already in 3rd Trimester too! how are u feeling?

— I know -_- & I know! I feel tired all the time! & ive been having bad stomach pain. :( I got a doctor's appointment Wednesday & im going to find out my glucose test results, i hope I passed.@sinabear,

— @josewuvbabywuv, oh no:( are you okay???? I hope u passed too! Im finding out tomorrow if i passed mine too!!!

— yeah ! but im getting worried because the pain wakes me up sometimes! it doesnt feel like my tummy is stretching it just feels like a strong period pain! & aww I hope you pass !! :) we are getting so close! @sinabear

— @josewuvbabywuv, aww!:( if it gets worse definitely ask ur doctor!:) & OMG right!?:) cant wait!