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mommyalexis15 && shaniece is stealing your babies pics!!! This some lifetime shyt...Exactly why when I do have mine my baby is not leaving the room!!! Y'all bytches are crazy && delusional!!!!!

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— I said the same thing. My mama nd bf though I was playing. ajd she gone have all her own onesies and sleepers I need my baby to stand out lol

— and**

— 😂😂😂 same here. I'm not leaving my baby with anyone. Crazy people out there

— @jellybeansmommie 😂😂😂😂 you got me joked out!!! lol maybe I should get some bright ass yellow orange or green shyt...matter of fact I'm gonna glue those reflector lights (the ones that be on the back of the bikes lol) on my baby outfit 😂😂😂😂😂

— @alhynele

— @sexii_diiva, 😂😂 oh lawd you're killing me.

— @alhynele 😂😂😂😂

— and don't forget Antoinette

— 😂😂 the nurses gone be like ma'am we can take her to the nursery Ima be like NO DONT TOUCH HER. They gone think the nurse tryin to kidnap her lol

— ooo lawd who is that? @junebaby 😂😂😂😂 its possible you gotta keep your eyes on all of them.. hell you got me second guessing my prenatal Dr now... he a lil too friendly all of a sudden 😂😂😂😡 @jellybeansmommie

— @sexii_diiva, its also Shaniece but using a differet name. the one with the fake sono pics and she's currently commenting "what happen" on our post about the crazies.

— 😂😂 right. lol I can't be a lifetime movie. I'll mess around and kill somebody.

— @junebaby okay!!, @jellybeansmommie 😂😂😂

— they are lucky they are behind their computers hiding. @jellybeansmommie @sexii_diiva

— very. @junebaby

— the hospital i had my baby at never even took my baby out the room they did all her testing right in our room

— idk but we should all follow on ig @sexii_diiva i think u on my ig?

— @babygirl10-11 I deleted my ig like last month.. I just have fb.. but I don't post on there

— lol

— U few ladies are some of the onli real adults on here @sexii_diiva u keep me laughin ur hilarious I hate to leve the app to but it's hard for me to hold my words to this foolishness I wash there was a private way for me to leve u guys my ig and facebook

— @nieshabaldwin23 yes they are going too far...but I'm not deleting app until a little bit after I have my baby.. which I been said I'd do

— @sexii_diiva, I keep it until then so I can see the handsome cutie because honey from ur post he be giving u hell in ur tummy lol

— @nieshabaldwin23 😂😂😂 girl yes ... I knew it was gonna be a struggle at the end nevaise 2nd trim He was in a gymnastics class or something 😂😂😂 but it didn't bother me... but now barely any room && I don't like the movement at all!!

— Lol my son was busy when I was pregnant wth him and he came out busy to lol but it was quick tho they broke my water I barely pushed .... I hope this one is as easy

— @nieshabaldwin23 girl I want mine to be easy

— yea @shanice has my babies pic on that page n I wanna snapp..!