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We all just need to send an email to the company about this "woman" so that they can take care of it by deleting Her. Just go under settings, then help and scroll to the bottom and click contact.preggieapp. It wouldn't hurt if you put screen shots in the email too. Lets work together mommies and take our app back:)

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— that's what I did.

— i did it :)

— @junebaby im tired of it this app is suppose to offended support and advice for moms and moms to be. We are suppose to be able to show off our babies. Not worry about creeps or immature people stealing our photos.

— @junebaby, offer *

— did the same 😊

— there needs to be better privacy settings on here

— yes ma'am what happen

— @antroinette, or should I say shaniece you know exactly what happened. get off our page!!!

— I don't know nobody name shaniece on my grandma grave why I have to be n it

— Please don't tell me they're the same people, smh.

— @allyandbaby They're the same person

— no we not I don't knw her