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I ususally don't involve myself in drama but seriously this little girl needs some home training bc she throws this "bitch" word around to loosely for my liking. If its one thing I can't stand its disrespect. And shes been doing a little too much of that for my liking. Seriously Im about to loose my temper.

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— That's me. I usually just ignore the drama but I'm so mad. How dare someone take someone else's baby's pictures and post them.

— so

— only the weak minded hide behind a computer to harass and stalk peole.

— her subscriptions. I blacklisted her.

— @junebaby, exactly. thats not only crazy but its disrespectful. Oh Baby girl I promise you have the right one this morning. Don't start with me bc it will get real for your childish behind. What type of person steals pics of ppls babies and posts them to their page. I hope you grow up a lot before your "children" get here bc if not ypure gonna have major problems. So please remove yourself from my page.. Nvm I'll do it myself. And I'll continue to pray for your mind h8ney bc you obviously need it. bye bye now 👋

— @shaniece,

— @overthemoon, I got the notification. Im about to blacklist her lil behind shes obviously a child.

— what bitch

— @shaniece, little girl. go find a life. mmkay. You're obviously a child playing a grown woman's game. I'm blacklisting you now.

— why does it not have the opinion for me to blacklist!?

— @mrsstewart, ypu have to click her actual profile then it gives two options subscribe and blacklist.

— I did but some people it doesn't give me an option @jellybeansmommie

— @mrsstewart, Idk but she dele2 all her posts so maybe shes had enough of us.

— *deleted

— thanks @jellybeansmommie I finally got them both blocked 😊👍

— np hun @mrsstewart