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To those who gave birth vaginally and tore, how long did it take for your stitches to fall off after giving birth ? I got2nd D tear D;

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— I have absolutely no clue when my stitches fell out. I had no interest in feeling or looking down there for a veeeery long time! i started feeling little to no pain after about 3 weeks or so.

— my stitches were gone in like two weeks

— Your Right about having no interest of looking and feeling down there haha.. Cool good to know :) @sgtpeppertheory

— @rachaelbutsch, did you feel em, see me fall off ?

— no mam I did not see them and only felt them for two weeks

— Oh wow ok :)jl

— My stitches dissolved

— @rachaelbutsch,

— @montanamommyof2, that can happen? I wonder if there's different types of stitches

— mine took like 3 weeks to dissolve

— Yeah they have stitches that dissolve. Ita so you dont have to worry about it. They use them alot on the inside of your body