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ooh man I been craving this for

ooh man I been craving this for awhile 😋

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— What is that?

— oooo what's this?

— corn on the cob with mayonnaise cheese & tapatio really good @paigesanchez14 @helpedbytmh

— It's a corn & it looks freakn DELICIOUS! @paigesanchez14 @helpedbytmh

— oh girl it was bomb! @karley

— @dec_sept_apr, lol I though it was a banana! Ohh, but that sounds really good!!!

— Mmm yummy lol

— tapatio, I've never heard of that before. it looks really good

— hahaha a banana? its really good try it @paigesanchez14

— @dec_sept_apr, lol a banana with whip cream and caramel.. 😂 I will! Gunna go buy some corn tmwr!

— yea tapatio, like salsa valentina

— lol a banana :P

— When was your last period ? Im wondering because my doc is giving me a due date based from the ultrasound not by my period .....