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I heard if you have one c section then all of your children you have to have a c section? is that true? if so then why?

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— Because you can rupture the scar tissue from pushing. The only way you can is if you go into labor naturally. No inducing labor.

— It use to be that way. I'm not 100% sure why but I think because if you had an emergency c section or needed a c section due to complications they assumed you'd have the same issues. Now they do VBAC Vaginal (something) After Cesarean

— @shaeewow3.29.15 damn so basically the c section never fully heals... @edomke that is very interesting. I never knew that

— Vaginal birth after cesarean.

— No not true :/ usually people have c sections due to a health issues that usually show up in multiple pregnancy. But My aunts proof that you don't always have to have a c section with all kids because the umbilical cord got wrapped around my cousins neck

— She then had all her other kids natural

— you can have a vaginal after if the doctor will allow. its just more risky because the uterus may rupture. my cousin and friend have both have successful vbacs though.

— Lots of women now have VBAC deliveries. It also depends a lot on your doctor.

— had**

— my first was a vaginal delivery the second emergency c section & doctor said this one will have to be a c section as well

— That's not true my mom second child was a c section the rest was vaginal

— The c section is 11 now the one after is 10 and the last one is 4 .. @shaeewow3.29.15

— My aunt has a 1 year old that was born via c-section (she was breeched) and she's pregnant again and due in March and her doctor is allowing her to have a vaginal delivery. We live in Texas, so it may vary state to state.

— more than likely Yes but there's something called a VBAC (Vaginal birth after cesarean )'s possible you can have a Vaginal delivery after a c section but more than likely every baby after the first one will be a c section