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anyone due on may?

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— 🙋 meeeee.. May 21st

— @mrsruvalcaba, is this your first? what are you having? this my 3rd and I'm having a girl

— My sister is due May 31st she's having a girl!

— im due may 3rd

— this is my third too! 😉 && I'll find out the 22nd-- I'm so hoping for a girl but healthy baby is best. Congrats on your lil one && and please blow me some pink dust lol 🎀👣👣👣👣

— @mrs.texx28, what are you having ?? aww @ashley1215 and @mrsruvalcaba I sure will

— i chose not to find out... my hubby has known since 3 months when genetic testing came back.... but i will find out at babyshower if baby doesnt come before then.... i just started getting anxious about finding out cuz i wanna start buying things...

— I'm due May 24

— 👌 thank you

— may 9