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I keep having dreams I'm having a boy and it's making me paranoid.

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— why lol

— Because Im having a girl 😂

— @bellies,

— i just checked that lol

— its soo weird they say when u dream of one gender its always the opposite then others say the dreams u have in the beginning n the end are accurate its crazy i only have dreams of the color pink but never the baby my husband mother n law sis n law n his step father all dreamt with a baby girl that looks just like him

— @bellies, If I have a boy I'll cry... I'd be a grateful parent but unprepared. I have all girl stuff

— lol the cry wont last long once you him how many ultrasounds have u had

— when did u find out

— @bellies, I found out I was pregnant at 5 wks found out I was having a girl at 23

— @bellies I've had 3 ultrasounds

— girl u good lol she didnt change

— Lol better not. idk what I'd do. @bellies