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I wish I knew how to coupon.😔
watching extreme couponing.

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— meee to 😏

— me too

— I want to as well the save a lot of money

— I've been looking it up. I just Dont get it lol. I'm gonna buy some Sunday papers tomorrow. I just Dont get how they can get 100 of the exact same coupons when like the online websites only allow you to print 2. so it must be from the papers. but then you would have to buy 100 papers and them being 3$ a piece that's 300$ on newspapers. I Dont get it :(

— @mommy2be, @mommy3rmz @mariahappy

— @alicia3_18, they have apps to where u can use ur phone but I don't get it either.

— I dont get it either. I was trying to figure out where they got all them coupons from .because I know they not paying that much for the newspaper

— I guess I can go around stealing news paper s :) hahaha. @mariahappy

— well they say they know people and get them from recycle ing places and stuff. but I don't know anyone. lol @mommy2be

— I don't know noone either