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so I was looking for @buckbaby15 & she is gone, it's been 3 weeks! Lord knows I'm gonna cry! She was my preggie buddy... same due date & all! Now who do I have? 😭😭😭😭 #March8th

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— thank God I'm not on here alone lol! all the others March babies coming now and some induced in February. @steph__x0x0

— well atleast we have each other lol 😘😄 ill never leave you, atleast not until our babies are born (probably not then either, in case you leave) @steph__x0x0

— Yea I know right... if you need me for anything, ill be here for you. ☺ @steph__x0x0

— you having a boy or girl? @steph__x0x0

— I'm due March 3rd

— a baby boy @steph__x0x0 & awww hey@nique5683 ... what you having girl ?

— @030815, I'm having a boy as well! Although my due is March 3rd I think he will come sooner

— 31lbs @steph__x0x0 .. I know , it's bad

— comment was deleted

— I think my son might come last week of February, I just have a feeling @nique5683

— I know I wonder what happened to her? I Dont see how u can just vanish. maybe her phone broke or something ??

— I was wondering what happen to her. everyone just leaving the app 😕

— I hope we lose it fast @steph__x0x0 & yea I just hope she's okay @alicia3_18 @mommy2be

— I'll be glad if I can make it to February..

— me too.

— Don't feel bad I've gained 45lbs so far @030815 @steph__x0x0

— I gained 62 with my first! SMH but I dropped it quickly... I'm a petite girl, so it wasn't too bad @steph__x0x0

— how fast did it go away @steph__x0x0 ... oh lord lol I hate going to the doctor and stepping on the scale @nique5683

— I've gained 36 lb. I'm hoping it goes away fast too!

— maybe we can help each other after we have our babies like lose a couple pounds a week. .. set goals @alicia3_18 @steph__x0x0 @nique5683

— yea girl we can do it ! @steph__x0x0

— yea girl we can do it ! @steph__x0x0

— yeah!

— yeah I want to breastfeed .. but I don't know if I can go through the pain ! @steph__x0x0

— ugh see and I don't want to go back and forth with formula @steph__x0x0 ... what formula you use ?

— Yes that would be nice! I plan on breastfeeding as well.. My first wouldn't latch, but hopefully my son will

— @030815, it's not painful. breast feeding is not supposed to hurt if it does you're doing something wrong. I wish you luck with it it's a beautiful thing and very beneficial for baby and you as well

— I wonder where she went she never said bye or anything.