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add me on smile mom... sexii_Diiva 😄😄😄😄😄 just added it so idk what to so yet

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— Chile I don't think I'll stay on there. I read some of the posts and the comments and it's just too much lol

— what happened? I just got on this am @sincereholt

— @mrssabby, @alhynele @babyethansmommy @meplusmytwo @kaymariah we can personally chat too on this app!!

— well ladies I'm not gonna download another app I guess I'll be the last man standing on here buy feel free to email me @sexii_diiva @mrssabby @kaymariah @jellybeansmommie and whomever else wants to keep in touch

— Yeah u had that smile mom app before and I deleted it 😖

— @meplusmytwo I'm not deleting this app... I'm still here @mrssabby

— I ain't going nowhere @sexii_diiva I'll be the last ma'fucka standing lol I had to deal with way worse then a horny/creepy man on a app that can't do nothin but talk

— man I'm fenna edit my favorite list and stick to you guys that I actually have conversations with @sexii_diiva @jellybeansmommie and @meplusmytwo @mrssabby

— I downloaded the app, then deleted it. didn't like it. love this app so much more.

— OK

— @meplusmytwo girl I wasn't worried bout him.... but I don't plan on staying long after I have the baby.. I've always said that tho @kaymariah 😘😘

— I'm not going anywhere either. @mrssabby @meplusmytwo

— @meplusmytwo, yeah me too couldn't really remember til I looked through my deleted apps in my app store