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Am I the only one that at this point dreads new people coming because one: its probably just a creep, or two: its some stupid girl wanting attention. Where's all the real mommies?? maybe I'm just hormonal but cmon now!

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— @sking0921, i know right that one girl blocked me and made a post about Her pregnancy being real. But correct me if I am wrong but didn't she say that she hadnt had an ultrasound yet?

— I saw that, I blocked her already. you know if these girls would just be honest and stop acting like they just graduated kindergarten we might be a bit more accepting.. that probably makes me sound like a jerk but idk

— @kristinlynn0903,

— @sking0921, i know girl and magically in Her old profile pic she was obese but then the picture she posted of Her "baby bump" she isnt obese. Then she posted a pic of an ultrasound cropped of course, with Her baby daddy im guessing.

— Then there's the girl posting pics of negative tests then deleting them and then asking about period symptoms then saying she didn't go to the doctor then saying she did... I mean really..

— comment was deleted

— ...and saying she's gonna be 5 weeks even tho she's know if she's even pregnant yet lol

— @steph__x0x0, just stupid girls begging for attention and @schevanya this is what I'm talking about lol! its dumb

— comment was deleted

— straight from Google

— See! I don't just understand why someone would go to all the trouble.. @junebaby

— @sking0921, me either. it doesn't make sense. I guess for some attention.

— I have noticed a bunch of people like that recently.