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my sister, myself and my babe :)

my sister, myself and my babe :) let's see if anyone can spot my daughter in this picture? she's good at hiding lol

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— OMG where????? it's driving me crazy. LOL

— you have me over here like zooming in and out😂😂😂

— she's behind my left shoulder :) see her nose and part of her face? :p Hahahahhaahahha you guys are great!

— her daddy is holding her :)

— she's not on the pic lol

— omg I see it now lol

— omg I was driving myself crazy looking for her.😂

— she's a ninja :D

— Wow I don't see her

— @brie127, I totally was going nuts over this haha. :)

— I cant see her :-/

— @rachel.potts, did you find her though? :)

— I had to look in the comments :) haha

— @brie127,