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So is everyone seeing the new creep on here?? Hey lets just joking a pregnancy app and ask pregnant women to have a baby with me. What an idiot!!

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— Just join**

— Yeah I just black listed him

— @sking0921, i did the moment I saw it

— bunch a creeps :\

— @sking0921, i give him props though at least he wasn't trying to pretended to be a pregnant girl. But it's still gross and creepy

— who is he so i can black list him

— Davoeldomino

— I don't remember his name, he posted a pic of his face. he was wearing I think a blue hat? it was so weird long name

— I cursed him out

— @mariahappy, hahaha that's hilarious

— Just saw him. What a freak!!

— @kristinlynn0903, gone ask us on a pregnancy app do we want to have kids with him obviously we already pregnant or have kids if we on this app

— I love sharing my pictures with you ladies but idk if I want to anymore with these freaks popping up outta the woodwork.

— blacklisted him

— as soon as i saw him i reported him and blocked his ass!

— I also reported him

— omg yes!!! the nerve of some people!! were at a different point in our lives and don't need someone like him around our pregnant journeys

— @14emathews, agreed