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Anyone who uses cloth diapers. What brand do you prefer?

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— Depends on the kind you want. Prefolds and covers I love econobums. The covers are amazing. Pockets I have a few "little monsters" but mostly what are referred to as "china cheapies" you can find them on eBay for about $1.50-$2.00 for solid colors. Or Alva baby pocket prints for about $5. I use flour sack towels for inserts I like them best. They're absorbent, easy to wash, quick to dry.

— @californiahaley, thanks so much. That gives me more options to look at..

— I love my cloth. I never had the money to spend $20+ on one diaper. So once I tried the cheapest options and found out they're fine I got more of them. Almost 7 months and never had an isse

— comment was deleted

— @californiahaley, yes my cousin was telling me about a few but most are very pricey. the cheapest I found were sunbaby and alba so I'll check on eBay. that's a good idea about the flour sack towels. where do you buy those?

— Walmart. Pack of 5 for $5. That's what I use in all my diapers. I double up for nighttime but that's it.

— awesome!

— Also if you don't use already I would. They have cloth for 50% off or more. That's where I got my little monsters. But they have all brands just have to search around. But it's worth it.

— @californiahaley, ok great. I do have an account with them so I'll check it out.

— Sunbaby! A boy I babysit had them and they rock. I prefer them to bumgenius.

— @abbymattingly14, thank you and they are much cheaper. I can't afford bumgenius, lol.

— I don't understand why they're so popular, they're so expensive and not any better than the more affordable brands I've used.

— They are popular bc marketing and easy to purchase most people buying a gift head down to babies r us where there is no alva or sun baby.