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so upset!,
I've been really good about saving money on this pay check and saving for a crib and now we. ant afford it because he has to get juice for his e CIG and the crib is$120 😩😭😭 and we only have 50 left cause he fricken bought something on amazon for 40 bucks :(:( :'( so baby has no crib.

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— he bought a fricken video game for himself :(

— I'd take that $50 and go look for a cheap bassinet at least. That's ridiculous!!@

— @elliot.s,

— @junebaby, I thought about using the juice money

— I sure would. baby has to come first.

— baby comes before cigarettes and video games. seriously.

— @meaganrose24, that's what I think. besides when he's here playing video games won't be much of an option

— Exactly, there really wont be video game time for a while. not with an infant demanding your attention most of the time.

— @meaganrose24, and now he spend 90 bucks on juice.

— Get a bassinet or co sleeper for now. I saw a bassinet on walmarts website for $26!!! It'll last like 5 months, depending on how baby grows