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so how many of you ladies are having your little one sleel with you during the fist their first year??.

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— not the first year but I keep baby at bedside for the first few months. its easier when nursing. at about 3-4 months they will go to their crib.

— i want to have my daughter sleep with my husband and i for the first year at least but i still want to have a room for her for her to be in and take naps during the day..anyone else doing that??

— where did you have them sleeping the first couple months??. a bassinet or a swing? @junebaby i know a lot of parents use the swing for their babies to sleep on

— I will not be co-sleeping only because I did it with my first baby and it was a nightmare. She wouldn't sleep anywhere but in my bed.

— how did you get her to finally sleep on her own? @jamie_renea03

— @seleneromanortiz12, I had a bassinet or a playpen with the built in bassinet next to my bed. Its true that if you let them sleep in your bed they are nearly impossible to get to sleep in their bed. I learned quickly, lol. Swings are wonderful too while you clean or cook.

— I Co sleep with my girls. I started it when they were a week old because I didn't have a bassinet and it was easier when I was nursing. and now it's the only way I can get them to sleep through the night. Idk why but when they're in their crib they get scared. but it's ok, I just hope I can break this habit when they are about 6 months if not before them. They're only 2 months right now.

— ohh okay got it..i think thats what ima use too and yes my sister in law used the swing all the time while baby was sleeping and she was doing things around the house @junebaby

— yeahhh it sounds like the sooner you try and break the habit the better 😊 ima try and not do that with my daughter @acjones186

— I love having them sleep with me though. I know it sounds weird but I love the bond it's building. they love mommy to death! but I do want my bed back soon lol

— @seleneromanortiz12, I still have some problems with her wanting to sleep in my bed and she's 4 years old. When she was 2 I had a full time job and needed sleep so I just allowed it cause it was easier. I went through a bunch of crap with my daughters father and found it comforting for my baby to sleep with me also. I chose those things and it caused problems in the long run. I'm going to just try putting my baby in her mini crib. It's right next to my bed and I don't want her getting used to sleeping in my bed.

— my little man sleeps with me. he may be only a month and a half old but hes a huge bed hog. i love sleeping with him though

— i was thinking about having her sleep with me but im having a c-section and on top of that im a crazy sleeper so id be scared to roll on top of her or something so now im just trying to figure out where to put things as far as the bassinet crib..all that good stuff lol@jamie_renea03