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my crotch won't stop swelling!!!! is this normal? I'm trying to not move and stuff to let it rest. but am I supposed to stay couch bound for days?? this is ridiculous! 31 weeks.

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— Have you talked to your doctor? When my stuff swelled up real bad they told me it was because of a yeast infection.

— ugh it better not be if so this is my 4th one and they would have been back to back.

— try soaking in the tub that helps the swelling. it can be pressure from baby dropping lower and there is more blood flow down there which causes it to swell.

— I'm hoping that's it. I don't want another yeast infection. I dont think all this med is good for the baby. I did a 7 day then a 3 DAY then another 7 day. @mdomke22

— Are you have a lot of sex?

— Early in my pregnancy I was having A LOT of sex and my labia swelled up, you can put frozen peas on it 5 mins on 5 mins off. But I would definitely call my doctor if it is a infection it can be harmful to your baby.

— no I never have sex! I had yeast infection then a week later sex then yeast infection sex then after this yeast infection we used a condom and it's not itchy but its swollen. @firefly

— and this is within like a months time. about a week after the treatment we would have sex. @firefly

— He needs to be treated also he can have a yeast infection and be giving it back to you

— that's why this time we used a condom just in case but it still has swelled up

— @firefly,

— sex will irritate a yeast infection with or with out a condom. But call your doctor and get seen ASAP

— Okay I will @firefly

— I hope everything is okay and they can address the problem