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Hey yall I have a question
my girls dribble alot when they eat and on their neck there is a raw spot like they may get like a diaper rash would leave. it's red and smells so bad! do any other mommas have this issue or had this issue? What did yall do to get it to go away? I've been using bibs and trying to keep it dry after and during a feeding but can yall help me with things to do or try to get it to go away?

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— after they eat lean their heads back and clean under there dry it add a lil powder then but a dry bibb on

— Yea try to clean and dry it right away because they can actually get a yeast infection in their rolls of it stays most for too long

— ew! I've been trying to keep it dry and clean and I put powder on it but it smells horrible. and ik it hurts them. @mdomke22 @meplusmytwo anything else I can try as well?

— hmm idk I'm kinda out of ideas :( sorry hun. but yea they might even have a yeast infection already I would ask their doctor on what to do next

— could be a yeast infection. might need a prescription cream. there is some cream called lantiseptic that works great for redness and rash but you'll have to order it online. try using corn starch first.

— @acjones186, u can also put diaper rash cream on it

— Thanks yall! These are my first babies so I'm still figuring stuff out haha @junebaby @meplusmytwo @mdomke22

— baby vaseline all day everyday ... my baby has this so at every diaper change and random times i wipe it dry and put vaseline or sometimes i use eczma cream

— I get a wet towel and wash her neck and I put ointment on her neck .

— I agree with the cleaning and keeping it dry. When I hear rash or anything like that I think eucerin cream. Maybe see if that works with powder over it to make it dry?