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Do any other hospitals do this

Do any other hospitals do this on your last day ☺️❤️

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— when I had my first in Alabama they did this it was really nice.

— Jeez that looks so nice lol I don't think Virginia does all that!

— omg i wish every meal at the hospital was like that lol

— My hospital in Virginia did. It's called a celebration dinner

— woah fancy! that's nice!!

— I'm in Virginia @mmmirage

— Lol no way!!! Ahhh where? I'm near springfield so I'll be admitted at inova fairfax!

— Yea I'm in Virginia and that's what it's called @caydensmommy

— I'm in hopewell Virginia but the hospital is about 45mins away

— @mmmirage,

— Oh ok! Well that's still cool. First va mom! Ugh I wish u were closer! Could of had baby dates at a local mall on random days!

— Right ! But good lucky hun @mmmirage

— Thanks!

— @mmmirage, and @lee0924 I'm near roanoke

— with my last daughter they did a celebration dinner for two. they brought in a nice table and we got to order steak or fish with all the trimmings. they even had wine glasses and juice. it was very nice

— Yea that how it was for us @Hu nebaby

— @Junebaby,

— I was just up there ,not that far ,cool @caydensmommy

— I think all hospitals should do this. It was very special.

— I got a last meal but mine was prison food compared to that Lmbo my bff got the same treatment a candle lit dinner her and her bf while the nurses took care of the baby