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i think ive been feeling my baby move for a week or two now feels like twitches/butterflies..but i cant see it when she kicks or my husband cant feel 21weeks now how long till ill be able to see/feel the kicks get stronger?.

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— I felt my baby kick at 22 weeks, my boyfriend couldn't feel her until last week (29 weeks) so it can talk Awhile!

— awhh mann lol ive been so excited to finally feel her kick and have my husband feel the same but he cant feel it when she kicks 😩 @ashbabash18

— my man was able to feel our son around 23 weeks.

— It all depends on your shape, where the placenta is and where the baby is! My fiance felt Alaura around 20 weeks? but I had a low placenta and an extremely tiny frame, Alaura actually grew so much quicker than I was stretching she ripped my big abdominal muscle in half.. everyone's different:) @seleneromanortiz12

— how do you know where your placenta is?? and yeah youre right everyone is different im just anxious to feel her kicking more and have my husband feel her too @sking0921

— By ultrasound, they will tell you if you ask

— ughh lucky!! lol im jealous 😋 @delilahsmommy2015

— ima have to ask next time i go and get an ultrasound.. thank you! :) @sking0921

— Yes that's exactly it!!! And later around 23+ weeks I think you'll be able to see it on your belly too. It's sooo cute I melted when I saw mine ️awww and your baby will move so much more too. But still keep in mind baby sleep 14+ hrs a day still

— awhh i can only imagine what it be like when i see her kick..even now every time i feel her kick puts a smile on my face ! its an amazing feeling @dovejazz