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my baby girl was born this afternoon

my baby girl was born this afternoon she weighs 3lbs 15oz

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β€” congratulations! I weighed two ounces less than that

β€” aww they couldn't stop it sorry but congrats πŸ’–

β€” did u have her natural or c section?

β€” emergency c section

β€” @mrs.oliva,

β€” aww. how are both you and baby doing?

β€” Congrats πŸ’ž hope you're well and your princess. Do they know why she came so early dear

β€” started contractions n 5 min apart n was 6 cm 80% effaced n water bulging n her being breech still they had to take her before my water broke @dovejazz

β€” Oh wow! So it just happened but you guys are ok and stuff?!

β€” yes we r good she is in nicu n hopefully I'll be able to go see her soon @dovejazz

β€” awh shes so little. im glad yall are both doing ok. congratulations

β€” Okay m so glad to hear that 😊 Awh yey I bet you can't wait to hold your little angel β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘ΌπŸ’–

β€” I get to hold her anytime when I go to nicu to see her... She is breastfeeding n I'm pumping n she is doing great breathing on her own n she is strong she is already lifting her head up

β€” @dovejazz,