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Girl, dont go! forget anyone whose got a problem cause its theirs not yours! if you pay close attention you notice its always the same "grown people" in the mist of any kinda drama and rudeness on this app.. Age doesnt make you grown it makes you old. A persons maturity level makes them grown no matter the age. Im 24 and I kno plenty people younger than me that are just as "grown" and responsible as I am if not a lil more.. I personally love having you on this app. You are yourself and I find you hilarious and down to earth.. You continue to post as you want.. I hope to still see you on here!!!!!
P.S im still shocked that you're having a boy!!!! lol
pps. i tried putting this on your post i guess i just text to slow cause you deleted it before i finished :) ;) <3

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β€” took the words right out if my mouth ! exactly what she said ! lol

β€” omgπŸ’– your amazing haha thanks girl!,yeah I deleted it bc the drama was getting ridiculous! my hormones took over and I was upset but I'm over it now, I'm just going to keep doing me like you said. this just made my day!β˜ΊπŸ’• @babyvazquez15 😘

β€” lol and I'm finaly getting to the point where I'm over thinking my Dr lied to me abkut the sex hahahw

β€” Well said !

β€” I totally agree. Some people are just to judgmental and take everything up the butt! You can't go lol I love your openness:) I'd miss you ! @18andpregnant

β€” @lovelyadre, awwwwβ˜ΊπŸ’œ

β€” I'm lost! what just happened @ashleyrdz && @18andpregnant

β€” well I have some profile that was just made, no pic or any thing that is going to blast my pic and pics of me and my man all over the internet now.....this shit escilated very fast omg.

β€” @babyvazquez15, @regelbaby @mrsruvalcaba I deleted the post. probly won't help but what ever.

β€” Oh my !!!!!

β€” was it the funny butt one? @18andpregnant ?? gurl pay no attention! your you and funny so don't mind ppl that are judgemental and plain rude !! luv ya!!.hugs!!

β€” @mrsruvalcaba, yeah but I had a profile threatening me to blast all my photos and posts on the internet. ir else it would still be up.

β€” U have noooo idea how much that bugs me! Like who the fuck thinks they can blackmail someone like that? I bet it was @makeartnotwarr69. U said u were gunna delete ur account sorry but I think u should. @18andpregnant girls are just jealous of you bc your young beautiful and happy! And it was just ur bum u shoulda told them to go for it! If someone wants to post my pics to the net go for it hahah losers

β€” @regelbaby, me and her talked about it and are on the same page now. which is good. but I asked her if it was her and I believe her that it's not...I looked at there profile and there subscribed to only fake profiles. idk. that blew up and it that's not what I wanted. I hate being stressed.

β€” Oh well I made a post about it bc it pissed me off so much! And I'm sorry I do not like that girl she erks me. Goes on and on about how grown she is.. Like eff off ugh

β€” @18andpregnant,

β€” @regelbaby, yeah she just said she's not as grown as she was claiming. she just felt attacked.