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Has anyone tested positive for covid while pregnant? I’m so…

Has anyone tested positive for covid while pregnant? I’m so scared🥺😢


— My brothers best friends wife was positive. Not a good story so I won’t share, but we have great docs and I’m sure you’ll be very well taken care of 🙏🏽✨

— On the bright side, if you are far enough along, baby will most likely get antibodies and have some protection form covid when born. That has been very comforting for me to know

— I had it at 28 weeks pregnant. I was so scared it was going to get bad but I ended up only with a bit of a stuffy nose and very mild cough. I also had a headache that felt like I was hanging upside down for like 2 weeks straight which was really uncomfortable. I’m pretty sure it was from high blood pressure triggered by Covid. I ended up having high readings for several weeks after and was switched to high risk with weekly appointments after that BUT around 34 weeks my blood pressure went back down and never went back up again and I was induced electively at 39 weeks without complications and a big ass healthy baby

— I did and baby was completely fine

— My SIL did. She and baby were fine.