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How are “low-income” apartments still have to pay almost 90…

How are “low-income” apartments still have to pay almost 900 a month!


— Unfortunately it’s on the lower end you can’t find ANYTHING here that cheap it’s not just Cali but the west coast AZ is insanely high too

— My good friend here in Reno is on a wait list for a low income. 2 bedroom for 1,150. It’s ridiculous!

— That’s super cheap! Where I live, one bedrooms are going for $1800 and a 3 bedroom house is $3000 😩

— Omg that’s insane? What part is that at?

— @momma_of_1, LA county, OC, Inland Empire, San Gabriel valley. I live in Upland

— Damm!!! Where do you live at?

— $900 is stupid cheap for CA. Mine is $2200.

— My dad has a voucher, so I have had to help him look lately. Unfortunately those numbers sound about right these days. I hate inflation with the passion.

— Yes you are right….everything is going up and continues

— Cause you live in California. Like end of sentence....that 100% is what the problem is. 😫

Unfortunately, 900 bucks a month IS cheap rent! Take a minute to Google places up for rent near you, or the area you desire, and see what they're goin for. This honestly should be something you've already done. 😬 You should know what the going rate is, in the area you're looking, if you plan to comparative shop, accurately. 🤷‍♀️

— Probably because rent in your area starts at double that price or more. It’s usually relative to the prices in the area.

— Yes you’re right.

— That’s cheap here low income apartments are 2000 if your lucky

— @mimixtmn, yuccccck🤮 honestly I hate Toronto. It’s nice for somethings but unless you have moneeerey it’s dumpy

— @momma_of_1, yeah it’s crazy idk why they think that’s even affordable for people with low incomes

— @lexhernandez, yes. This is why I want to move out of California. Cost of living is expensive