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I need advice!! Okay so a few months ago Amiyah beggggggged…

I need advice!! Okay so a few months ago Amiyah beggggggged to do ballet. she’s been in the class but these last few weeks she’s been a nightmare. She refuses to listen, or participate in the class period and just crawls around the stage interrupting. The class is over in about 3 weeks after the big recital. Everything is planned and paid for but she flat out told me she doesn’t want to go anymore 🤦🏽‍♀️ I don’t want to ruin the show but would you pull your child out? She’s still struggling emotionally with daddy being away, and just acts angry and mean sometimes. But it’s definitely not like her


— Normal for this age and my daughter is still like this. They lose interest in things quickly. She did t-ball at age 4 and did amazing for the first half of the season, then one day she decided she wasn’t going after the ball anymore and just stood there. We finished out the season but she had no interest. She’s been back and forth in ballet,tap and gymnastics. She was recently in gymnastics because she asked for it but she’d spend the whole class laying on the floor and not listening. She was the only one and it was so embarrassing. So I switched her back into swim lessons because that’s what she really likes. Activities are expensive and I’m not going to pay for something if she’s just going to lay on the floor. I would just put her in something else.

— My son was like this with his first year of tball at the end and we talked to him that when you agree to play on a team you need to finish the season because you are a team and they are counting on you. And if you don't like tball anymore or whatever activity or sport then you don't have to do it again after the season ends. Now this year he is begging to do tball again.

— Don't force her at this age. And I would absolutely pull her out, not because you're giving into her more because you're being being respectful of the teacher and the performance. She'll have time to fix the routine. At this age kids don't understand commitment to trying something new.

— She was crying to me last night saying she didn’t want to go because she doesn’t know the dance. 🥺 I think when they started the actual choreography it stopped being fun for her and she didn’t pay attention. But she also refuses to practice with me 🤷🏾‍♀️ I don’t want to force her to do things when I up and quit things myself all the time.

— @denise1493 Exactly. That's very common and understandable from a three year olds perspective. Make her understand though and maybe next time just sign her up for recreational dance classes so she doesn't have to do the routine. They're are some studios or park and recreation departments that offer this. another alternative was dance classes in the summer only. My daughter did this the first 3 years because there was no recital or routine to learn. It was much easier for her that way.

— @denise1493, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. How many adults sign up for the gym end up going a few times and never go back? You’re teaching your daughter to come to you when she feels uncomfortable you should listen to her

— I was this kid. 🤣
My recommendation, if a child doesn’t want to do an activity, class, sport, etc, don’t force them to. Find something to replace dance class so she still has an extra curricular activity, but forcing her to finish it will cause it to be miserable.

— I would make her finish the classes but if she doesn’t get it together by recital time I wouldn’t have her on stage interrupting the other kids performance.

— It’s literally 2 more classes and then recital 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ there is one part where they have to switch partners and her spot is right in front. I don’t wanna throw all the other kids off who actually pay attention and are excited for class. But your right, her crawling around on the stage will throw them off just as much 😬

— @denise1493, ugh that’s tough then. But honestly at that age is it really a recital if one kid isn’t doing the total opposite of what they should be 🤣

— @jellybeans33, 😂😂😂 it will definitely be her. I guess it’ll be a cute video to show her in the future. But I’m not signing her up for anything else till she’s like 10 🙄

— Kids are also smarter than we give them credit for. She most likely is aware that your giving her some leeway, due to the situation with Dad. She's not dumb, she's exploiting the situation.

— NO ma'am I would not pull her out. That will just teach her that if she acts a fool and throws a big enough fit, she'll get what she wants.

If she doesn't wanna sign up next year, fine, but she already made a commitment to this year and I'd make her finish. 3 or not, they start learning these things at some point, might aw well start as early as you can. 🤷‍♀️

— Agreed !

— Agree!!