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I just wanted to say that this is a mom app. We don’t alwa…

I just wanted to say that this is a mom app.
We don’t always have to be posting pictures of our children for you to know that they are really well taken care of. Do you know how many women on here preach that they don’t post pictures of their babies. I know a few.
So girl, show off that ass. Show off your new hair.
Show off your new enlightenment lmao. I also need to be able to put my own judgements aside and realize people are going thru their own things in life and it’s not up to me to judge , that’s for yall. I just had my own realization. I’m not always impressed with what people say and do but that isn’t my problem either. I’m lowkey ashamed of myself but glad I can catch these bias opinions and look at the better side of people.
End. 😂


— Love this girl & your strength!!

— Love this Krysta! Especially the ✨enlightenment ✨ part. Shame on me. I'm gonna do better. Lol

— @uni.cheapskate Nothin anyone said here, no worries! 🤣 Krysta and Heather know I'm just bein assy! Lmao! @heatherlou88 @cuppacoffee

— @leonardsquared, lmao it is 😂😂

— @leonardsquared, I know my girl best 😝😘

— 👀 So you want some 🍑 pics

— You offerin orrrr.....🤔 I still got room in my camera's storage!

— @leonardsquared I meannnnn 🤸🏾‍♀️

— @uni.cheapskate the peach photo

— ♥️♥️♥️

— I love this! ♥️