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Been debating for a week if i should post what happened to …

Been debating for a week if i should post what happened to me a week ago. But i am to bring awareness. Please dont judge how i reacted to the situation but with having bad anxiety lately an this not being the first time happening to me. I plain just freak out. So here's the story. I order some Starbucks on my way home an when i came out first i noticed a toddler alone in a car in her car seat i was like ok her mom must be inside Starbucks an is watching her since she right in front of the store. Go in my truck an as i put my drink in my cup holder saw with the corner of my eye a car parking next to me so fast an very close so i keep looking with the side of my eye to see who was coming out an hope they wouldn't hit my truck with the door. For my surprise it was a guy alone with his dick out an holding it with his right hand. I freak out put my seat belt an try to reverse without even turning my car on. Luckily their wasnt a car park on my right side so got out the opposite side. He ended up following for a bit. When i made a left turn was hoping he didnt an he did so grab my phone to call cops. I was trying to gey his license plate but he keep stopping to close to me to see it. Luckily he turn in a supermarket. I got home shaking an almost in tears. Please ladies always be alert while out. I keep thinking bout that little girl if that pervert would have park next to her. Dont leave ur kids alone even if u could see them from far. Anything could happen in a split of a second. In 2 weeks i have to go that part of town an so scared to go.


— For this reason and other reasons, I have huge anxiety going places alone and with my kids. Hate it so very much. I would have called the cops as soon as I seen that. How disgusting

— I know I should have. But I panic. This isn't the first time it happens to me an I panic. I guess since I remember my first experience I had flashback coming back an I panic an I just drove off. It is disgusting. Im going to start carrying pepper spray or something an will call cops an just move away but somewhere I could still see his plates an make an model of car. An maybe take a picture of him.

— Not judging but you should of told the mother that because she probably going to do that again. There are so many crazy people in this world. Happy that you are ok.

— @momof2girlsnow yes or they wouldn't care an tell me to mind my own business. 🤷‍♀️ I know I'm very protective of my girls an wouldn't do that.

— @supergurl_82 it is not what you say it's how you say it...the thing is that we are so programmed to think in that way that we make up excuses for ourselves instead of trying. That lady might of said thank you I normally don't do that and get her kid out the car. But if we don't say nothing how would you know what she would of said.

— @momof2girlsnow very true. Thanks. I will say something next time.

— To leave a child alone, even for “a few minutes” in a car while you are not even in plain sight is insane and common sense not to do but it happens a lot.
CHILDREN STILL GET ABDUCTED. I have no trust in any stranger so thank you for bringing this up.
I am sorry you had to witness what had happened as well. I would have called as well and alerted people.

— @supergurl_82, great👍

Gosh, no amount of coffee is worth gambling my child’s safety.

— @icebergahead yes! Theirs always a drive thru an wait that big line when u have ur kids.

— @supergurl_82 I wait in line with my girls. I go inside when im alone. Im very protective of my girls an wouldn't want anything happening to them. I know how easy some ppl think its ok to leave them if their going in an out. But what we dont see their creepy ppl just watching an waiting for that moment.