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Has anyone seen the movie “yes day” yet? And if so have u d…

Has anyone seen the movie “yes day” yet? And if so have u done a “yes day” with your children? Need some suggestions for my boys for their yes day! They are 6&8 years old. And go......


— My oldest asked me about this..i told her I was down with it but just don't get too crazy with the ideas..because knowing her she'd ask for a horse, another dog, a new cell phone and her nails done smh lol

— 3 times

— No we are not doing a yes day

— SSE! Where have you been?!? Long time no talk! I deleted my IG so I lost touch with some of you guys!! How are you ???

— Hey I’m good. Just trudging along I suppose. Things have been better recently so I can’t complain. How u doing love??

— Knowing my kid if I did this and he had it his way I’d probably be on a plane eating lobster tails heading to Disney world 😂 tbh doesn’t sound to bad rn

— No way in hell I’m doing a yes day. My kids will dead ass drink toilet water.

— Mine would be having ice cream for breakfast lunch and dinner 😆 and then stay up on his iPad till midnight

— @lexhernandez, that doesn’t seem too unreasonable lol mine are fucking dangerous

— @wellabean0413, my child goes NUTS off one little chocolate egg. Ice cream is a nightmare 😆😆

— Leann!! Where have you been?! I miss you girl!

Also what is "yes day" about? Is that kind of like the tiktok thing where the girl asks for something and the guy just says yes to whatever.

— Hey I’m good. Kind of going back to normal with the kids at school so I’ve been better lately! How u doing? What’s new with u?
So yes day is where the parents have to say yes to anything their kids ask to do for a day. It’s a new movie on Netflix. U have to watch it with the kids they will love it it’s a cute movie and concept

— @ss3mom, That's so great to hear! Hopefully we see you around on here more now!! We had a baby goat born and my cat had kittens! Plus just counting down until summer break!

That may be hard. My kids would probably ask for outrageous things or new animals or something. 😂

— @scream.queen, haha nothing that will carry into the future. So no new animals, that’s our rule anyway.
Yes i should be around more. Been dragging lately but with the nicer weather I’m starting to feel better! This winter and whole year honestly has been depressing!

— We're doing it during spring break coming up next week. I've already agreed to ice cream for breakfast and am not allowed to recommend clothing based on the weather like I usually do...I have a feeling she'll be incorporating a bathing suit into her outfit some how 🙄

— Hahaha!! Too funny these kids

— You can go on YouTube lol a lot of the family vloggers did the say yes to everything challenge before that movie came out 🤷🏻‍♀️

— Oh cool thanks. I’ll check that out for some ideas

— We watched it over the weekend. And the sparkle in their eyes scared me 😂 not yet. Maybe in the future.
I would think:
- whatever they want to eat
- fun parks or amusement places not far
- I like the idea of dressing parents lol
- no extravagant purchases

— Yes that’s kind of what I was thinking. Amusement parks, water park stuff like that. No big purchases and nothing in the future. I like those 2 rules! Cause my son would 10000% as for a dog lol!!

— @ss3mom, my kids too! Lol let me know if you do go ahead with it!

— @dontspankme, well we are in the process of talking about it. Like they have to earn it it’s just not handed to them.

— I’ve seen some of it, it’s pretty good and well,, a yes day is mainly u saying yes to stuff they want to do.. lol ask if they have anything in mind I’d suggest maybe an indoor jumping/ other fun kind of place , getting something they enjoy eating from somewhere they love Etc

— Haha I know they can’t think of that much to do. I think they are still a little too young to plan the whole day ya know? I told them they could have ice cream for breakfast and they were like no no way lol. I was trying to come up with some cool ideas to give to them to see if that’s what they wanted to do lol. Maybe an amusement park, water park stuff like that!!