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Am I the only weirdo that goes to the nail salon, for the f…

Am I the only weirdo that goes to the nail salon, for the first time since spring started, and STILL has their nails done black?? 🤣 It's like my go-to, always has been, even in the early 90s when it wasn't considered cool yet. I was just a weird "goth" girl that enjoyed worshiping satan, ya know?? GEEZ! 🙄 Small town life can be rough when you're different. 🥺 OBVIOUSLY that wasn't true, the ONLY thing/person I was worshipping at that age was Brian Welch or "Head" from Korn. 😍🙌 Here I am, 20 years later, still keepin it weird! ✊

**Random side note; Look at these fellas I saw after droppin my Mama off. 🥰 Someone should let em know turkey season opens in 5 days round here so they need to get this dancin on the corner business wrapped up! Lmao!**


— These are some cute turkeys btw. This was the last time I saw one 😳

— 😍😍 OMG! Those are HUGE!! LOVE it! 🥰

— I use to paint my nails black AND wear black eyeshadow with heavy black eyeliner lol and my hair was black most of the time. I never considered myself goth though and no one else did either, I was actually a cheerleader, basketball & softball player and ran track. I wore colors too, I just preferred black nails, eyes and hair lol

— People are crazy girl! I was also a cheerleader and played softball, MOST of my highschool career was spent either workin and takin care of my little sister/brother, payin rent and shit that a highschool kid shouldn't be worryin about. I STILL loved my black eyeliner, nails and Jncos though! 😍

— GIRL! Let me tell you. Small town life is ridiculous for this witch! I wanna do black nails with my witchy symbols, nails that alot of people would do for Halloween, that's the shit I want EVERY DAMN MONTH but I dont go get my nails done because of it. I cant get what I want in fear of how I'll be judged, cause you know jesus and all that.

So I feel you. 😂

— @leonardsquared I didnt have a mentor in person. Lol I was scared to for the same reason. If I may suggest, buying a few books and getting a starter crystal and herbs kit. I personally don't do spells ect. It's more of the nature aspect for me. But yes your right. I just somedays dont have the mood for the people. 😂

— @heatherlou88 lol. True. But story time, I absolutely LOVED this necklace, but had to sell it, everytime I worn it out, i got stares and whispers, because of the pentagram, which doesnt mean to wiccans, as it does to Christians, SO if I got this on my nails, according to most Christians. I worship the devil and ect! Lol I still miss this. Hand made so gorgeous.

— @witchyxmomx4 If I saw someone wispering or "looking without looking", I would yell across the room "IT DOESN'T MEAN WHAT YOU THINK IT MEAN SUSAN. DON'T WORRY, YOUR LIVESTOCK AND CHILDREN ARE SAFE" draw all attention to him/her and embarrass the shit outta him/her and proceed to say "Isn't it CRAZY in 2021 we see THIS much intolerance??" Then someone in the crowd would start a slow clap! 🤣