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My son since little is very sensitive he doesnt like chang…

My son since little is very sensitive he doesnt like change and transitions. We just a 10 minute and 5 minute warning system before we do anything and he sets it. He struggles each season with clothes so example when cold weather starts it takes over a month to get him in pants he wont do it and same with summer with shorts. He hates socks and underwear we have tried every kind out there and he hates shoes or anything on his feet. The past few months he now will only wear pjs he will put clothes on if we have to leave but as soon as we get home he is back in pjs. Now the new battle is showering or taking a bath he used to love to take a bath i even buy all the fun bath stuff weekly to get him to want to but its not working. Hes even getting worst with food everything has to be a certain way or he wont touch it. Im kinda lost as to why at almost 6 we are having these issues and not when he was a toddler


— It could just be a control issue. He’s not getting enough control in his life. My daughter is very similar with everything you’ve mentioned and she’s a completely normal kid. When summer comes I have to hide all the pants and long sleeves so she’ll wear appropriate clothes. It gets to 100 degrees and she can’t be wearing winter clothes. She loves shoes but hates socks and is always trying to wear her dress shoes outside because she can wear them without socks. When it’s cold in the house I tell her to put on socks but she won’t. Some things are not worth the fight. If he wants to wear pajamas to the store then just let him. At least he’s wearing something. For bathing let him pick either a shower or bath and see if he’ll wash himself. Maybe he just needs more independence

— My son is in OT and we work on a lot of the things you’ve mentioned are struggles. Transitions have always been hard for him and at one point he got down below eating 20 different foods, all of which had to be of similar textures or brands.

Might just want to be direct and ask for a referral for an OT eval instead of the peds opinion, many peds aren’t well versed in sensory struggles. I hope you’ve got one that is though.

— I will. I will bring it up to the school as well we have worked with them alot of the years his older sister went there till she left

— Aubrey wouldn't wear jeans for the longest time. She still doesn't care for them.

Still has issues with food because of the way they felt in her mouth.
Aubrey was always this way though....

I'm in the process of getting her help. We are looking for OT. Trying to find one in town so we don't have to drive 30-50 minutes out.

— Yeah hes never liked jeans his stuff has to be super soft and no tags. My son has gerd so food has always been a struggle but now he wont eat meat at all. Which could be gerd I cant eat any meat without feeling super sick.

— Feeding therapy to deal with textures and so forth is considered part of the speech therapy benefit here in CA. Anytime Zay had feeding therapy, it came from the speech benefit. We had to get a benefit level exception because he needed both actual speech and feeding therapy and between both he blew through his allowed amount of visits in 3 months. So when you do go looking into this, ask your insurance company where the feeding therapy benefits come from in your area, speech or OT so you know what you’re dealing with. Often you’ll go to an OT place for feeding therapy but an SLP(speech/language pathologist) is running the feeding therapy.

It does help tremendously though. Zay stopped eating meat all together for a while. It turns out part of the issue was muscle tone/weakness that caused him to have a hard time chewing protein. Very common with SPD. He ate fine until I took his pacifier because I thought it was his excuse not to talk. The pediatrician, OT, and SLP/feeding therapist said likely when I took his pacifier I took his exercise tool to keep those mouth muscles strong enough to eat so it was like starting over. Now my son eats meat and is willing to try new textures and is proud of himself, almost 2 years later...

— @fairykarmamomma we normally do is yearly check up in May so I will be speaking to his doctor about these things. Everyone keeps saying he's just trying to see how much he can get away with but I don't think he's doing it for that im sure sometimes he has but hes just so particular about everything it has to be done a certain way or it upsets him

— When Lexi was younger around age 3 she used to hate wearing clothes in the house and would literally wear just knickers all the time. She turned 6 in October and she doesn't like wearing tights. She would happily wear just a skirt or dress for school with long socks but it's too cold and she won't wear trousers at all. So in the winter she hates uniform because she has to put tights on. She also only wears certain clothes with soft or fluffy textures and hates tight fitting clothes (she wears leggings but they can't be too tight on her). She's very picky with food and only likes certain things. She would live on sandwiches lol xx

— Your daughter sounds like son but with mac and cheese

— Occupational therapy could help! My 6 year old is similar. She'll be 7 in April. I noticed it when she was about 3. She's been in occupational therapy ever since. And I've seen huge improvement in her!

— I was just thinking the same thing, sensory processing disorder. Problems with transitions are common whether it’s activities, clothes, new places, textures of food, things like that. You don’t have to have something bigger like autism to have SPD, I know several people whose children have it, including my friend from back in kindergarten. I’d send your pediatrician an email and ask about having it looked into. It wouldn’t hurt because with a diagnosis, anything related to school can be supported at school like the 5 minute warning before transitioning to a new activity. Medically based OT would help support other sensory issues and give you ways to support his needs in that way.

— Thank you I will bring it up to his doctor and look more into it

— Maybe he has sensory processing disorder? My kiddos did occupational therapy for a while for similar issues

— Really its actually never been brought up before I just know there is some things I just dont feel at his age should still be an issue