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My new nursery chair got delivered today and i left my gara…

My new nursery chair got delivered today and i left my garage open so they could put it in there out of the snow.... they left it on my icy wet snowy driveway and my husband isn't home to bring it in and the box is too heavy for me to move myself so I'm at my window staring at it like 👁👄👁 Debating if I should open the box and bring in the pieces since I can't move the whole box lol. (I'd like to note that I am strong and life 50lb bags of feed regularly because of having horses but this box is half my size and weighs well more than I can lift alone lol)


— I'm sure it's wrapped in some kinda foam or plastic inside the box too girl. Do NOT take your, baby is LITERALLY bout to fall outta me SUPER pregnant, self out there at ALLLLL Mama!

— 😂😂😂😂 I'm staying inside. My husband will be home soon and he can push it into the garage and I'll help bring it in from there. The only shoes I can get on my feet are crocs that have lost 100% of their traction so I'm pretty sure I'd fall before even getting to the box 😂 I'm just staring at it because I'm excited

— Be safe whatever u decide to do.

— I love you lol my husband will be home soon and can drag it into the garage and once it's in there off the ice I'll help him bring it in

— @countrypeaches42013 lol that's smart thinking!! 💕

— Don't listen to kush 😂

— Push it over and then push it inside lol

— I'd put a tarp or trashbag on it until hubby got home. Don't go out there trying to get it yourself!

— You sound like me lol when I go buy 50lb dog food bag's. I even did it at 8 month's pregnant and they were like ma'am! Do you need help?! I'm like get outta my way sir lol.

— The box will probably protect it until he gets home and can remove it

— Can you throw a big tarp over it or some big trash bags? You do NOT want to fall on ice at 41 weeks.

— That's why I said open it and bring in the pieces lol

— @countrypeaches42013 I still worry about you out there on the ice dragging stuff in. :(

— @jenx my husband should be home soon. It's more just the humor of me staring at it from the house 😂 like dang yall saw the open garage