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So my baby still has blood and mucus in his stool even afte…

So my baby still has blood and mucus in his stool even after being dairy and soy free for months so I took him to see GI yesterday and they want me to give him a special formula for two weeks while I pump and see it’ll stop and if it’s something else causing the blood and mucus. I was supposed to start today but it’s so disgusting 🤮 it stinks too. My baby won’t drink it at all so I gave him my breastmilk until Monday call dr and see what we can do. I’m so stressed man..anyone else use this formula? It’s expensive too!


— Gross!! I would never give that to my babies. The first ingredient is corn syrup solids 🤮 My daughter had digestive issues as a baby and I cut out all dairy and soy plus certain foods that made her gassy, like spicy foods, pasta sauce, beans, cabbage. Do you have an oversupply? If so, then you probably have a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. I had it with my daughter. I had a massive oversupply and she was getting way too much foremilk, which is the very thin watery milk that comes out first. Let me know and I can give you more advice on what to do about it.

— My son had lots of issues with mucus and blood but also really bad gerd. His gi made me go on a very bland diet because what I was eating was in his breastmilk. So no daily no gluten and nothing acidic. When I took all that out of my diet he had no issues. To this day he can't have acidic stuff milk and gluten we have to really watch what he is eating or he has lots of issues.

— My son eziah had blood n mucus in poop. He was allergic to milk protien n soy which is very diff then dairy free. Milk protien is labeled milk protien or whey.

— My son is allergic to soy and dairy possibly more because he is still having issues. Did it eventually go away or are you using formula?

— I did with my son. He wouldn't drink it either.

— He literally gags and spits it out

— Have you tried a goats milk formula? Much easier to digest and no soy.

— @boymom_3, I’ll ask his dr about it and see

— @boymom_3 If switching to formula didn't help my only guess is it isn't your breast milk. Google goats milk formula though just in case and see if it helps. Praying for your baby that it's nothing serious!

— @xryztalroze, i took him to see his DR yesterday and they wanted me to start the formula today but he doesn’t like it and won’t drink it so I have to call Monday and talk to them. I don’t know yet if it’s my milk that’s causing these issues because it hasn’t been two weeks today was the first day he should have started the formula. I’ll ask about the goat milk thank you!

— Keep trying and offering it before you nurse.

— That’s what I’ve been doing but he just won’t take it. Its bitter and taste like metal so I don’t blame him.. I’ll just have to cut more things out and see