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My area is forecast for 14-19 inches of snow. I think I’m r…

My area is forecast for 14-19 inches of snow. I think I’m ready but the closer it gets the more I don’t know if I’m really ready. I’ve never experienced snow like this. I have the essentials. Bottled water, lots of food and a large ice chest in case power goes out. Lots of canned goods as well. Batteries and candles. I got toilet paper and all that kinda stuff today. I swear I’m missing something but I have no idea what it could be and I can’t shake that feeling off.

Also, the state is freaking out and everything is being said to shut down. Even shutting down the highways.


— Dam forget that 🤣 no offense but I hope it stays like that so my daughters dad don’t try and drive his ugly ass down here I do feel for everyone tho except him 💯🤷🏼‍♀️

— @supermomof4, well he is coming March 11 supposedly

— @kush_queen420, oh that’s a month away so snow will be gone. I’d contact a lawyer if he hasn’t been around in that long then he shouldn’t have any right. Especially she’s old enough to make her choice

— @supermomof4, ya I’m not tripping she will tell him to F off 🤣 we live across the street from a sheriff he said he’s gonna post up and take pics of my house like wow whatever man 😂👌🏼

— You’re missing the alcohol. 😆

— I got plenty of alcohol to get through at least a week 🤣 if I gotta be stuck with these kids and that husband of mine I had to have something

— If you don't own a snow blower try to go out periodically to shovel so you don't have to shovel that much at once. Especially if it ends up being wet snow. Also definitely salt or put sand down on driveways and walk ways. Good luck! I grew up in New England and this year we've gotten a lot of snow compared to the last few years but you'll be okay as long as you hunker down. You usually only lose power if winds knock down trees or the snow gets too heavy for power lines.

— Thanks for the advice! I’ll be going to get some salt today.

— You got this!! You sound perfectly prepared! Make sure your phones are charged or if you have those back up charger things make sure those are charged too.

If you have pipes that are on the outer walls you might want to let hot water drip from that sink or shower, so your pipes don’t freeze.

— I think your are good to go. Do you have a flashlight ? Salt..for ice?

— Flashlights yes, I forgot about salt so I’ll grab some of that today! Thanks.

— Do you have gas for the snow blower ? Also salt for the walk way and drive way

I’m in New York so I’m use to major snow storms we are getting killed as well this year be safe