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I know y’all aren’t doctors. I’m looking for some insight o…

I know y’all aren’t doctors. I’m looking for some insight on this for now until I can get into my doctors office. For the past month multiple times a day (typically the first half of the day) I’ll start to feel cramps. And I’m not even exaggerating but they’re pretty close to the start of labor as far as pain goes. Like I’m sweating, shaking, and struggle to breathe during it then it’s usually followed by a bowel moment (sorry tmi) it’s very painful and I don’t know what’s wrong. Google says a few things like endometriosis, IBS and a few other things. Anyone experienced this before?

ETA no cysts or diagnosis for anything. No medications other than my birth control I’ve been on for 2 years. It’s been the same. Other than that I take vitamins.


— It could possibly be kidney stones. When your body is trying to pass one I heard it can feel just like labor because your body is contracting to try and remove them

— I get this from my endo and ibs. I had massive gallstones and had my gallbladder out too, which caused the same symptoms. Gallbladder attacks though, also have excruciating pain up under your rib cage on the left side. Literally like a heart attack. With the ibs, certain foods set it off for me. If I eat any bread or pasta, or any fried or fatty foods.

— *edit right side not left

— @mamagunn.no.1, see and that’s what I’m certain if there’s no pain on one particular side and it’s not very high up.

— @itsfeeeneyyyyy possibly not gallbladder then. They're the first questions they asked when I got checked out, when I was having an attack. Is it on you're right side and radiating through to your back in the middle.
I mean it could very possibly be ibs. Best to go get checked out when you can though, just in case. If it is stones, could even be in you're kidneys, they will need to get onto removing them. If it's ibs, there are medications you can take to eliminate symptoms of it. I hope you get to the bottom of it, I know first hand feeling that way is horrible. I got to a point that I was too scared to leave my house, in case I had to rush to a toilet.

— I have endometriosis and I get super painful like that before I have a bowel movement than the pain subsides because it’s not pushing on the endo anymore

— Personally with my IBS. I have really bad cramping and then immediately need to go to the bathroom.....
I'm starting to wonder if something isn't functioning correctly because honestly at this state of pregnancy, I should be experiencing some constipation... But I'm not. I'd kinda prefer that over this IBS flare up.
I've tried changing my diet... Nothing helped

— Sounds like it might be gallbladder. Gallbladder attacks can cause rapid, violent symptoms, and can end with BM or vomiting.

I had a whole summer of cramping, which I thought was just due to leaving my baby at daycare/mom anxiety. It culminated with a trip to the ER on Thanksgiving that year, diagnosis of gallstones, and had surgery in mid-December. Right before my surgery, I had what you described - sweating profusely, shaking, and vomiting from it. No fun! 🙅‍♀️ I hope you can get this figured out soon!

— @mamagunn.no.1, I guess it would be middle to lower back. No where near my shoulder blades though.

— @itsfeeeneyyyyy no, it's not up that high. Sort of at the bottom of your your rib cage

— @mamagunn.no.1, eeeek yeah some pain was in that area

— My head can seriously mess with my body. Do you suffer from anxiety? I suffer from IBS when I’m anxious

— Honestly I feel like I’m always anxious or stressed about something it does get worse at times but I do struggle with anxiety.
When I have panic attacks it does affect my stomach I get sick to my stomach.

— @itsfeeeneyyyyy, it’s definitely possible that it could be causing your cramps and movements in my opinion. When you think about how much your muscles are contracting when you’re tense it makes sense that your digestive tract could be doing the same thing. If you rule out medical issues I would consider the mind body connection a bit more

— @ltee, I definitely will. And that does make a lot of sense.

— Gallbladder. Lactose intolerance ibs gastroparesis endo pcos there is so many things unfortunately have u tryed a convince care?

— Oh Lordy. I’m hoping it’s nothing serious.
What is convince care?

— @itsfeeeneyyyyy does it happen after eating? Gi problems not always but normaly happen within eating frame. It also effects ur bowls?
And its like a quick doctor like urgent care

— @hakunamafuckitall, not really specifically after eating. It happens first thing in the morning then through the beginning of the day. Doesn’t seem isolated to only after eating. And yes the pain is followed by a bowel movement and then it goes away until the next one.

Oh urgent care. I actually just went last week because I had a stomach bug and bronchitis and also got tested for Covid I did tell them about the bathroom issues they basically told me that it was probably because of the stomach bug. Unfortunately this started about a month ago but they didn’t seem to think it was anything else

— No. Do you have fibroids or cysts? I heard those can cause some really bad pain

— I do not.

— @itsfeeeneyyyyy that's 2 things you can cross off. I hope it's not ibs, that can be lifelong

— @mujerstillregal, 😔 I hope it’s not.

— My fiance gets like this. He had his gullbladder out and it helped some but most of it comes from ibs. He doesnt eat very well so that causes a lot of his discomfort.

— Did he have his gallbladder out because of this issue?
And just to clarify he does have IBS? I did read your diet can cause flare ups for it. My diet is pretty healthy but I’m not sure if a certain food is causing this. I’m not diagnosed for IBS but I’m hoping to get some answers with my doctor.

— @itsfeeeneyyyyy yes he did. It started out with him getting crampy after he ate and he brushed it off. One day he went to the movies and in the middle of it he had awful pains and rushed to the ER. He had a bunch of gullstones so they did emergency surgery. He still eats greasy fried foods and hot sauce and stuff and it causes him pain. He was diagnosed with the ibs a few years ago and it flares up when he eats those kind of things. He gets crampy and has stomach pains then makes a bowel movement and feels better after. He has to go first thing in the morning or else it causes him pain and he gets to the point where he cant hold it.

— @catfish2220, oh wow that sounds terrible. I’m sorry he has dealt with that. I’m hoping this isn’t an ongoing thing but it sounds a lot like it. When the pain comes I HAVE to get to the bathroom.