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My husband made me take a Covid test yesterday because I st…

My husband made me take a Covid test yesterday because I started getting sick on Saturday and he wanted us to get tested before Thanksgiving.

Well guess what? IT WAS POSITIVE 😱😱😱

I’m in complete shock. I wasn’t expecting it at all. My symptoms include sore throat, headache, loss of taste and smell, and my temp has been hovering around 99. I have a minor cough and mild runny nose but nothing serious. I’ve been taking Tylenol. I’ve had the flu and sinus infections way worse than this. I honestly thought I just had a cold.

So now I have to pull both kids out of school, cancel our Thanksgiving dinner and stay home for 2 weeks 😩 I work from home but I can’t do that with both kids home full time so I’ll have to talk to my boss tomorrow to see what we should do. I already took yesterday off but I worked today.

My husband is still waiting on his test results. He has no symptoms though.

Please no negative comments.


— Oh no! Prayers you get well soon!🙏💐

— Hope you heal quick.

— I'm so sorry! Get well fast!

— I’m sorry! Hopefully it will just remain minor for you and that the rest of your family stays healthy. Depending on how big your employer is, there is a federal leave available through the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act that allows you up to 10 days of paid sick leave. It wouldn’t pull from your accumulated sick leave. I would talk to HR about it. I’ll see if I can find a link.

ETA: https://www.dol.gov/agencies/whd/pandemic/ffcra-employee-paid-leave

— Ok thank you! My sister said the same thing, to ask about emergency sick leave. I’ll definitely ask tomorrow. That would be great if I could still get paid so I can focus on my family and not stress about income.

— @2sweetie, Good luck!