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Picked My Baby Girl up some medicine and gripe water hoping…

Picked My Baby Girl up some medicine and gripe water hoping this will calm her down. I called Her Pediatrician as well, didn't get anywhere and told I will get a call back..they still haven't called. I called Phoenix Children's but again didn't get anywhere and told I could take her to their urgent care at 5pm but to wait to see what Her Pediatrician says. The tablets You Mama's are telling Me about..are they able to be found on Amazon because I can't locate them at the store. Thank Yall for all Y'alls advice and recommendations!!💜 Also took Her out of the House and to the store with Me to soothe Her and it worked because I was able to get her to take Tylenol but that's it. She still won't eat but She's napping right now so We will see what happens when She wakes Up! Also Finished Thanksgiving Shopping Today!! These were the only Hawaiian rolls they had in stock so had to pick up quite a few and gonna freeze them until next week because again they are almost sold out.


— I’m pretty sure they’ve been discontinued here in the US. Probably why they’re hard to find.

— That could be very true Mama!!

— I was always able to find the Hylands teething tablets at Walmart, Target and Walgreens! I hope she starts feelin better Mama!

— Our Walmart is weird..never has really anything in stock. We just decided to bring her to the ER because She's tugging on her ears so I'm thinking She may have a ear infection or her system may be backed up

— Yes, I’ve seen them at target, Walmart and my local grocery store